With funding from ADRA international, we launched the ‘PICK IT’ project, an Environment related project focused on promoting a cleaner and greener environment while empowering youths with livelihood skills.

The PICK IT project uses the 3Rs strategy- Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. Very few of us think about how much waste we produce in a day, sadly, very few of us go further to think about how the improper disposal of waste can be prevented and Reduced. Prevention of improper solid waste disposal must begin in our homes through separation. PICK IT advocates for the separation of plastic waste from leftover foods in our homes. If separation is adopted at household level, it makes it easy for garbage collectors and recyclers to sort out and dispose food waste correctly. Food waste can easily be decomposed In our backyard gardens or perhaps used to feed animals.

ADRA in partnership with the Government through the Lusaka City Council  and the Ward Development Committees   worked with 200 youths of Kamanga and Mtendere peri urban areas  by providing solid waste management skills through training. The project also linked the youths to various waste managements businesses around Lusaka.The youths received training in specific techniques such as separation of waste, compressing of plastic materials.