From a nobody to a somebody

Wilson Banda, 35, born disabled and raised by a single mother, narrates that life was never easy not until ADRA Zambia with support from the Australian Aid intervened. Wilson is a beneficiary under the FARMS project in Kalindawalo village in Petauke district of the Eastern province.

“ADRA trained me in chicken rearing. They also assisted me with five local village chickens. Today, I can tell you that what started small and hopeless has elevated me from a ‘’nobody’ to a ‘somebody’. The chickens have greatly multiplied. I never thought I could manage to provide myself with basic necessities later on to support my siblings with school requirements. I am so happy that even though I could not go to school, with support from my chicken production my siblings can get a chance at education”, Narrated a cheerful Wilson.

Wilson’s paralysis led to his failure to attain an education. He could not manage to hold a pencil to write.

“I am so happy that I have been empowered with knowledge which has greatly improved my livelihood. I never thought I would ever get a chance to learn something ever since I dropped out of school. I have always been called chilema meaning the ‘paralytic’. Some people in my community including some of my family members thought I could only be a burden to those around me but now I am able to support myself”, Narrated Wilson.

In June 2020, ADRA ZAMBIA under FARMS project with support from Australian Aid empowered Wilson with chicken rearing trainings and five local village chickens.